Unleash is an on-demand veterinary healthcare
management platform.

      🚀    Currently available in Bengaluru, India.

What is the grand vision for Unleash?
A healthy companion animal in every house on the planet!

We see the state of animal healthcare as a multi decade problem which needs attention. We want to help make life better for pets, livestock and domestic animal owners by providing access to the best healthcare options around. Additionally we also want to assist people who have wondered what it is like to live with a companion animal by easing the transition process of becoming a care taker. The best part about this opportunity is that, it enables us to create an economic opportunity for every animal welfare enthusiast around the globe.

Ease of use

Unleash is super easy to use, be it a for a 'tech saavy kid' or an 'I am too old for this non sense' person

Instantaneous vendor discovery

Unleash helps you discover the best service in the city, be it a vet or a boarding facility or a food delivery merchant

Perfect for busy people

All that we ask for you is to provide a space for a deserving dog or a cat in your house. We'll take care of the rest

Quality content for engagement

Interested in learning about animal sciences, canine behaviour or animals in general, we have something perfect for you

Seamless payment options!

Choose how you would want to pay! cash, card, digital wallet, we have it all


Only noobs make plans ahead, I am sure you and us are too cool for that!


Bite sized Articles


Food delivery merchants


Vet Clinics

Boarding facilities


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