Queen Residence Remodeling Ideas by naturehumaine

this is a stylish modern home comfort by bringing natural elements in the home dressing . This also is a project completed by naturehumaine , located in Saint – Lambert , Québec , Canada . when looking into the home , interior decoration , applied with a warm and comfortable , as well by selecting some rich colors , also with interesting patterns . If you ‘re trying to find ideas in home remodeling with Loyal Fans of architecture and design from the 50’s and 60’s , here is right . we see that the ‘ Queen Residence ‘ is the demand of the clients ‘ naturehumaine ‘ , who want a change in the house , which was built in 1958 , by providing additional and also do renovations . renovations done by providing content development on the east wing of the house across the continuum of flying from the roof , to give them an extension of the building . although the extension is done there , but it is also done by considering the overall elegance of composition , see that this building has had a strong personality . changes were made also with the intention to intervene , which consists in updating the original spirit connection .

on home remodeling ideas, sharing space also made ​​modifications, which combines a kitchen and a bathroom with regard to aspects of vintage home. while also thinking about the possibility to add access generous natural light with windows build horizontal and transparent glass. the shade of the plantation and natural stone path is applied, such as welcoming spacious green yard, with a twin seat blue color scheme is relaxing. but the house facade also welcome guests with shade trees and a spacious garage.

when we re-look at some of the accents in the interior decoration, we also find that there are lots of living space glass windows for access to natural light and views of garden fresh greens. but to relax there, as interior furniture and decoration, fitted with a color theme of black sofas and rugs are gray, while the floors are natural wood materials. see who comes with orange accents is coutertops kitchen, such as the horizontal hallway to the bathroom and living room. on the interior of the kitchen furniture, which is applied to the cabinet of polished wood, while to remove the stiffness space, was added to the window, the horizontal and access to natural light successfully.

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