Pastor Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas by ÉBANO Arquitectura de Interiores

here like to see what might be built in a modern style with the interior accents in the dining visualize the mirror. is a designer to bring this idea into a more concrete form in the apartment which was really impressive. This is a collection by Spanish interior designer Joel Martinez Serra, for Ebano Arquitectura de Interiores principal, who has completed this project, is the Pastor Apartment. charming apartment with modern style is fully present, designed to meet the needs for a family of three, which carries an open space in the interior of the three functions, namely the living room, kitchen and dining areas. we will see more of, what may be maximized in the apartment, which occupies an area of 1,722 square feet.

The ‘Pastor Apartment’, trying to come up with a contemporary style, located in Alcoy, a town located in the province of Alicante, Spain. when he saw what was applied to the living room, their furniture is a sofa corner premises in gray, while the coffee table in the lower box in the polished wood. corner of the dining room is decorated with a niche that maximized as a display and storage. because this is an open space, then breakfast nook that felt spoiled white furniture and a pendant with the same color scheme, and the decoration is painting an accent wall red is the dominant color.

Modern impression is also confirmed by a mirrored wall for more space visualization, and remove the stiffness in the hallway, as well as to enjoy what may be the reflection of the living space.

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