Natural Living For Private Residence by Happy Studio

ever imagine occupy apartment with all personal comfort in a two-story? that is what you will find on the design of Natural Living private residence by Happy Studio. This is a fully serviced apartment that is designed with warm interior, but also advanced in features and many hidden, behind the panel. located in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan, in accordance with the name used, it does occupy a natural life. just as having a garden on the roof balcony, which was built in the chosen style is Asian.

in this apartment, we also find incredible views of the Guandu Nature Park, which is applied through a window with features French windows style, large and light-filled patio and natural light. gardens on the facade of the house, built with arches, and different ground heights, while the center is in round shape pot, which is also installed as a natural wood park bench. selected plants, also provides a platform in a variety of different seasons, given that Asia has a lot of the season, which should be passed on each year. This is an important issue, by maximizing the exterior landscape, as a design strategy to enjoy the natural atmosphere of the neighborhood.

back towards the interior design, we will find them, they brought the natural concept that is applied with natural materials and colors that echo the outdoor aura. such as the living room provides entertainment unit, who put up a wall TV and bar are decorated with natural stone and wood materials dressing. while the floor space under the table to hide the floor, is a wooden floor panels, with a decorative samurai (traditional Japanese sword) as the decorations. we also look lazy bedroom with floor completely covered with tatami. all as intentionally hidden for a unique impression, like the book case and the bathroom door was hidden by a wooden sliding door, is also a versatile idea that having more independent audio-visual room, or as an open public space. indeed a natural comfort that private dwelling at the center of a busy urban.

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