Maximize Small 29 square meter (312 sq ft) For Apartment Design

small apartment did have to think by actually bringing them into maximum for interior decoration design. here is an idea that comes from great design by Anton Grishin, with open plan apartment which brings sunny and windy environments. for interior built with dimensions that bring modern side of the city, with a fresh palette and minimalist home interior furnishings. interior of the house is built in a white color scheme with a fresh color palette as an accent. This succeeded in converting a rout for the availability of the narrow space, but it is really the maximum of all the necessary features. such as the living room, you’ll see them coming up with Aqua blue color for corner sofas, cushions are accented with fresh yellow and white, which is accompanied by a wooden coffee table and also on the floor.

because there is not much space available, then the decision is taken with open plan kitchen minimalist wooden dressing cabinet, while the kitchen island as dining areas converge. dining area seats are slim legs with white as the theme color scheme. fresh impression is also equipped with a corner sofa decoration besides plants and adjacent to the kitchen island. living room is also equipped with white vanities, wall limit and the entertainment unit bookcase put aside. This gives the possibility to the many functions of the space, a living room, entertainment units, breakfast area, cooking, also in the library. This is quite up to the concept of an apartment with limited space.

adjacent bathroom with walk in wardrobe into, while the kitchen wall just limiting the bathroom with the door facing the niche space to run into is the wardrobe. after touring the collection of images and designs, we did not find the bedroom, because it looks like a couch on the living room can also be used as a comfortable bed, while enjoying entertainment units available. to hide the cable clutter on TV, they are hidden behind false walls, poking at the large TV entertainment unit which is attached. This is a neutral freshness for small apartment interior with some other decorations fresh accents in yellow and blue colors.

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