Impresive Russian House Designed by Andrew Stuben

The russian house with a charming idea was designed by architect Andrew Stuben, comes with a contemporary interior applied with a slightly unusual approach. the interior is made with zingy accent on stark white walls, which is really impressive. mix while it is possible to smooth creams with all-over, black base accented notes should be given the edge that will give you a beautiful view on a different mix on the palette this place. although some say that this is an odd combination of colors in the palette, but proven in some of this space looks really lively and fresh. color clash politely wall decorations adorn every curve in each room such as the frame being assertive in different colors.

This is more for interior furniture comes in modern and minimalist design, which greets the space. seen some of the interior decoration is also combined with a dressing wooden dining table that blends perfectly with the built-in wood there. living room, dining room and kitchen are open plan with a neutral color palette of dark tiled floors shiny and speckled. corner fireplace accompanied by two gray sofa with edge grip, while the bear sculpture peering down the hall. ceramic and wood flooring meets a different accessory and is bordered to the living space. interior living room furniture comes with elongated sofa is white, while the coffee table is minimalist with wood and glass materials.

wooden step ladder center of the room with a sweet and charming in the pack in the modern design of glass walls to limit the hallway with stairs. palette of soft greens to accompany the entire wall to the next floor in the house. top floor has office space with decoration is preserved as a collection of animal displays, which look really alive. accompany such offices generally come is the library where the reference or just reading and relaxing there are fitted with a sofa and coffee table, with a modern shape as interior furniture. decorative schemes filled boxes on the form, look at the interior of the bathroom which has a basin that white box, also with a toilet seat, a funny look.

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