Funky And Family Friendly Apartment Interior Decorating

funky apartment is becoming a trend that seems to be made attractive idea to bring your apartment more lively and fresh. This is one idea for an apartment that has a special view overlooking the center of historic places and also beautiful is Kharkov. This is the result of a design by architect Larisa Nikitenko, and a comfortable resting place and is located at the corner of two rivers. This funky apartment only occupies an area of ​​160 square meters is equivalent to 1722 square feet. This place also has the goal of design is the the premise that a comfortable, quiet attention to aspects of functioning in accordance with the expectations of an active family.

comply with the request will likely occupy much on the list, but this is one way to complete the challenge. the premise is applied to all apartments feature, with an impressive and attractive manner, which can be applied in several different possibility for the home. when looking at what is installed for decoration in the living room, monochrome color scheme is subtle. while a pillar made ​​dress with a mirror, which gives an impression of space in the room. living room with open plan dining room also provides an opportunity to take part, they make beautiful decorations is unity. but not stop at what is coming, looked up and found three pendant lights illuminating them with a charming nuances.

the idea of ​​maximizing space in the breakfast nook, with a shaped end table that blends with the kitchen island is right, they have an open space to save putting more amusement center, if they have a separate room. This is a possibility to enjoy the entertainment as well as doing several possible activities, such as cooking, breakfast, or even while relaxing on the couch. there are many possibilities of beauty that you will find here, see some children who applied for space, with a natural feel that resembles grass applied with carpet, also with printed blanket as forest style. The natural shades window blinds also come in white and carrying the printed fabric with a pattern of colorful leaves are beautiful.

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