This is a building that was completed in Stretching over three floors in the Park Tzameret W tower, which has impressive views from the top of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea. feature is a wholly owned modern, automated and have it's own private elevator. It consists of 45 floors below, which also has a private pool and even the servants' hall, a full-featured. This is a complete feature truly modern and luxurious full light in the whole room in the building.

when heading on their living room, we find the full story on the interior design that is built with the selection of furniture. they also are very spacious room with a possibility to build installation features towering waterfall with a height that allows the six meter is reached. The most captivating when finding Mezzanine, which was built with a glass floor and balustrade, was built with the aim to give the area a feeling of floating. there owners can associate activities or read from the library shelves. interior selecting furniture that is sweeping each room with contemporary style, while the finishing is done with a very beautiful and special attention to detail.

see also city views can be enjoyed from the balcony overlooking the heights there. lamp shades in the city coupled with perfect comfort on the home features a colorful and applying materials for the transparent glass divider. towards the planning and layout of this house, which follows the parallel plan, which is fitted a long suite of eight dining chairs. they put in a perfect linear arrangement between the long kitchen island, with the back straight from the charming large sofa. This light-filled building with a really really light up with impressive effects, in a different way in each room.

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